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posted by Spectra Logic Corporation on March 3, 2017 (5 years, 7 months, 4 days ago)


Joyce Meyer Ministries slashes data restore time by 53% with Spectra Logic archive

"Spectra Logic provided Joyce Meyer Ministries with a high performance, cost-effective storage solution that allows us to restore one hour of video footage in less than half the time our previous device required. Spectra’s solutions are not only easy to install and manage, they perform many functions and offer features that make the products feel like many appliances in one." - Bryce Bagwill, Workflow Architect, Joyce Meyer Ministries

 About Joyce Meyer Ministries
Headquartered in Fenton, Missouri, Joyce Meyer Ministries is a non-profit Christian organization. New York Times best selling author Joyce Meyer shares the good news daily on the ministry’s signature radio and television program, Enjoying Everyday Life.Broadcast around the world in more than 70 languages, Enjoying Everyday Lifecan be seen on more than 500 stations and networks including ABC Family, The Discovery Channel, and the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Through media and humanitarian aid, Joyce Meyer Ministries has made it their goal to share Christ and love people all around the world. 83% of every $1 donated is used for outreach to help people of all ages and in all walks of life. Joyce Meyer Ministries is built on a foundation of faith, integrity, and dedicated supporters.

Customer Requirements: Technology Upgrade with no Impact on Television Production
Joyce Meyer Ministries produces more than 300 unique episodes of Enjoying Everyday Life annually, with all production and post-production done in-house. Episode content includes multi-cam live event coverage, interview format, film style documentaries of world outreach missions, promotional content, and more than two decades of historical footage. The ministry needed a cost effective way to safeguard all its content, as well as the ability to create a post-production workflow that allowed for easy restoration of offline footageand legacy broadcasts to be available for repurposing into new programs.

The Solution: Cost effective, Scalable Tape and Disk ArchivingSolution to Preserve and Repurpose Timeless Footage
Initially, Joyce Meyer Ministries utilized a 100 TB spinning disk storage appliance to address the organization’s nearline and archiving needs.This solution quickly became too limited in space to accommodate the ministry’s continued growth. Adding more spinning disks was not cost effective. In addition, it took the device 15 minutes or more to restore oneh our of video content, which was slower than desired for daily operationin a fast-paced editorial environment.

Joyce Meyer Ministries purchased a Spectra® T680 Tape Library with LTO-6 drives to manage over 500TB of expanding video files. The tape-disk solution was installed in Joyce Meyer Ministries’ temperature controlled vault, and is driven by ArchiWare P5 Software, which runs both archiving and backup workflows off of the editorial SAN environment. The ministry also added a Spectra® Verde® NAS Solution. Spectra's products provided the organization with a rich feature set and efficient workflow that was designed for data growth.

Results:53% Reduction in Time Required to Conduct Data Restores
After replacing their nearline disk storage device with a Spectra Logic T680 and Verde, Joyce Meyer Ministries was able to reduce its video restoration time from 15 minutes to 8 minutes. This significantupgrade in performance will not only allow the Ministry to convert, tag, and share more than 20 years’ worth of tape media more efficiently, but also access their older media with the same ease in which they access their new media. Spectra Logic provided the Ministry with a cost-effective, total platform to manage their growing data sets, along with a solid archive solution to preserve the Enjoying Everyday Life broadcasts for many years to come. Joyce Meyer Ministries is incredibly satisfied with their Spectra products and has already begun purchasing additonal media.

Why Spectra?
• High Performance and cost effective
• Expandable and feature-rich
• Seamless Integration
• SpectraVision Web Camera

Environment Snapshot:
• Spectra Verde NAS Solution
• Spectra T680 Tape Library with LTO-6 Drives & Media
• ArchiWare P5 Software
• Over 500TB of video files
• Temperature controlled bank vault

Fast Facts about Joyce Meyer Ministries
Enjoying Everyday Life airs 6 days a week around the world in more than 70 languages
• More than 300 unique episodes produced annually

• All production and post-production in-house
• Nine versons of EEL episodes produced weekly
• Hundreds of individual episode files transcoded/delivered weekly to station and networks around the world

About Spectra Enterprise Tape Libraries:
Spectra Enterprise tape libraries are designed for incremental growth, as they accommodate the storage requirements of organizations in every state of their growth lifecycle. When data growth requires more slots than the library’s current capacity, Spectra transfers the components of the existing library and puts them in a larger chassis. As data needs expand, all that changes is the outgrown frame.

About Spectra Verde NAS Solution:
The Spectra Verde NAS Solution is the optimal disk platform for the storage of mid-tier data, including primary storage offload, data staging, backup and archiving. Flexible, simple and affordable, the Spectra Verde delivers file storage for as low as 7.5 cents per gigabyte. The expandable Verde disk solution provides raw storage capacities from 48TB to 7.1PB.

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