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posted by Spectra Logic Corporation on March 3, 2017 (5 years, 7 months, 4 days ago)

Spectra Logic provides Videohouse with an affordable and diverse content storage solution for sports production and television broadcast archive that stands the test of time

"We are continuously offloading large video files to tape on our Spectra Logic libraries. Our Spectra T950 Tape Library is at full capacity and we have over 200 full tapes sitting on the shelves, ready for data retrieval at any time. Managing four different Spectra Logic tape libraries at two different locations allows us to backup sports production footage, linear television broadcasts and source files seamlessly." -Joris Moens, Project Manager, Videohouse

About Videohouse
Videohouse, a subsidiary of Euro Media Group, is an operating service provider of television and multimedia projects based in Brussels, Belgium. It offers creative and technical broadcasting services to the European broadcasting and film facilities market. Videohouse specializes in producing commercial television programs, varying from sporting events and concerts to producing reality shows and documentaries.

Videohouse has been using Spectra Logic tape technology exclusively for their video production archive since 2007. The company started with a Spectra T950 Tape Library and over the years has grown to use multiple libraries in their network configuration.

Environment Snapshot – Videohouse
• Spectra T950 Tape Library
• Spectra T120 Tape Library
• Spectra T50e Tape Library
• LTO-6 and LTO-7 drives
• Spectra certified media
• HP DL360 G9 servers running on Debian Linux
• Spectra BlueScale standard encryption
• MediaHaven 15.3 software
• Fibre channel network
• Managing 24PB of data

Environment Snapshot – SBS Belgium
• Spectra T380 tape library
• Spectra T120 tape library
• LTO-5 and LTO-6 drives
• Spectra certified media
• Spectra BlueScale standard encryption

Why Spectra?
• Product diversity
• Ease of use
• Reliability
• High capacity
• Excellent support
• Compatible with existing software

Product Timeline Videohouse – Brussels, Belgium
Videohouse offers clients a range of services including: outside broadcast vehicles, TV/film stages, electronic and satellite news gathering packages, wireless transmissions, video and audio postproduction, play-out services, webcasting, equipment rentals and systems integration.

This year, the company upgraded most of their machines with LTO-6 and LTO-7 tape drives and media. For nearly a decade Videohouse has been relying exclusively on Spectra Logic data storage solutions to archive their video production content.

Began using Spectra T50e with LTO-4 drives and Spectra certified media, Bluescale standard encryption and 47 chambers.

Acquired their first T120 with LTO-4 drives and Spectra certified media, Bluescale standard encryption and 75 chambers.

SBS Belgium NV, a customer of Videohouse, gave the company authority to manage their T120 with LTO-5 drives and Spectra certified media with 120 chambers.

Videohouse expanded to Spectra’s enterprise T950 single-frame library with LTO-5 drives and Spectra certified media and 100 chambers.

SBS Belgium granted Videohouse authority over their Spectra T380 tape library with LTO-5 drives and media with over 300 chambers.

T950 expansion frame added to Videohouse’s enterprise library; additional 100 chambers added.

A new T50e library with LTO-6 drives and media was purchased to replace the original T50e.

T120 was upgraded to LTO-6 drives and media; T950 was upgraded to LTO-7 drives and media.


T950 Tape Library – is designed and built to meet the stringent requirements of the enterprise for data integrity, data security and high reliability. The T950 tape library reduces staff involvement significantly, affordably scales in throughput and capacity, and supports multiple generations of current and future tape formats. For data archive, backup and recovery, this elite library leads the field in innovation. From the greatest storage density to proactive media management the T950 always protects your data.

T380 Tape Library – is designed for enterprise performance and accommodates the storage requirements of organizations in every stage of their data growth lifecycle. When more slots are needed you can change your T380 outgrown frame, transfer components in your existing library and put them into a larger chassis.

T120 Tape Library – is designed to meet the performance and backup requirements of the most demanding small and medium-sized businesses, The T120 library is easy to use, manage and maintain. The Spectra T120 ensures the highest level of reliability with component redundancy and offers an exceptionally high-performance tape storage solution.

T50e Tape Library – gives you enterprise capabilities in a compact, 4U rackmount or desktop library. Built upon vast experience in tape automation hardware and many generations of BlueScale software, the Spectra T50e is simply the most reliable and featurerich solution available in the small library market today.

LTO-7 Drives and Media – offer additional capacity which means that fewer tapes are required to store the same amount of data. LTO-7 specifications include up to 6TB uncompressed capacity, digital speed now up to 300 megabytes per second which is an increase of 88% when compared to LTO-6 drives. LTO-7 also now offers data transfers rate of up to 750 MB per second, backward compatibility of read/write for LTO-6 media; and readsof LTO-5 media.

LTO-6 Drives and Media – can help you maintain or reduce your existing footprint by maximizing your data density by being able to store more data per square foot. LTO drive specifications include up to 6.25TB compressed capacity, digital speed matching of 40 to 160 MB per second, data transfer rate of up to 400 MB per second, backward compatibility of read/write for LTO-5 media and reads of LTO-4 media.

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