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posted by Spectra Logic Corporation on March 1, 2017 (5 years, 7 months, 6 days ago)


McDonald’s Global System Communications chooses Spectra to manage and archive digital media video assets

 "By implementing the Spectra T200 and the SoleraTec Phoenix software, McDonald’s has increased workflow productivity, efficiency and flexibility. These technologies have paved the way for future growth and expansion while simultaneously realizing a cost savings for the company." - Ryan Dunne, Video Technology Supervisor, McDonald's Global System Communications

About McDonald's
Since the founding of McDonald’s as a corporation in 1955 by Ray Kroc, the company has grown andinnovated its way into position as the leading global foodservice retailer. Built on Ray Kroc’s oft-repeated phrase, "Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value," McDonald’s set a standard in the food industry that was emulated by many restaurant businesses to follow. Now, with more than 35,000 local restaurants around the world, McDonald’s serves nearly 70 million people in more than 100 countries each day.

Fast Facts
• Spectra® T200 with LTO-6 drives and media
• BlueScale Professional Edition
• SoleraTec Phoenix VCM - Media Asset Management, backup and archive
• Video Production and Post-Production environment
• 250TB of total managed data

The Challenge
To create a digital, tapeless video workflow that streamlines the management and distribution of McDonald's global video assets. At McDonald's, we recognized the changing media landscape and the availability of software and hardware products that could help us transition and evolve as a department. We needed to find the right vendor, and theright fit for our business.

The Solution
The Spectra T200, along with the SoleraTec Phoenix software, gave McDonald’s the balance of cost efficiency, convenience and reliability to meet and exceed McDonald’s high standard of excellence.

One of the greatest challenges McDonald’s Global System Communications has faced in recent years is the migration from an analog, videotape-based Standard Definition workflow to a digital, tapeless High Definition workflow.

McDonald’s Global System Communications produces videos for training, meetings, events, presentations, company conventions and other projects. Traditionally, camera operators shot on videotape, and production assistants logged and prepared the footage for an edit session. Following that process, the finished piece would be recorded back to videotape and copies made fordistribution. The raw footage and finished master videotapes were then stored on shelves for archival and future use purposes.

As the industry has advanced, our camera operators switched over to shooting with tapeless media on reusable cards and hard drives.The files are transferred to our 96TB Avid ISIS shared storage cluster. TheSoleraTec Phoenix VCM software creates low resolution proxy video that can be viewed by many production team members simultaneously on their desktops over the McDonald’s LAN. The clips are logged for the edit and an Avid Log Exchange file is created. The editor merges the Avid Log Exchange with the high resolution footage to complete the project for digital distribution.

Additionally, a library consisting of raw  footage and finished master clips can berepurposed in other edit sessions. McDonald’s chose Spectra Logic to ensure scalability, reliability, high performance and ease-of-use due to the fast-paced changes occurring in the industry.

Why Spectra?
• Cost-effective solution

• Scalability
• Reliability
• High performance
• Ease-of-use

"The Spectra Logic solution combined with SoleraTec’sPhoenix VCM software allows us to efficiently manage our tier 1 video production storage. We can also deliver high quality proxy media conveniently to the desktops of our production teammembers. The combined solution is reliable, flexible and scalable to meet our current and future needs." -Tom Schmid, Video Technology Specialist, McDonald’s Global System Communications



Solution Recap
The Spectra Logic solution has allowed the efficient management of McDonald's Avid ISIS video production storage. Nightly, incremental backup jobs store media assets into separate disk and LTO-6 storage pools for easy backup, tracking and retrieval. This system design allows McDonald’s to effectively separate and manage their assets through the use of customized automation and data service policies. The SoleraTec Phoenix VCM software also allows video production team members to conveniently screen, log and request video clips for delivery or use within their video editing sessions, all from their own desktops. This system design and successful implementation has greatly streamlined and improved the video production workflow.

Data growth is endless, and cost-effectively scaling storage is becoming a top priority for businesses and operations worldwide. Keeping up with unpredictable data growth is a daunting task. Organizations want to avoid making capital investments in storage that are far beyond their short-term capacity requirements, yet they must beprepared for the unexpected.

Designed with your growth in mind, the Spectra tape series enterprise have been developed to preserve your initial investment in storage by providing asolution that addresses both your short-term and long-term storage needs.


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