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posted by Avere Systems on July 21, 2016 (6 years, 27 days ago)

How did Eight VFX gain one-click cloud access at a compelling financial model while enabling unfettered creativity? Read the new Eight VFX Case Study.

Sudsy water cascades over a curvy green shampoo bottle, the star of a new commercial—until a last-minute packaging change makes an edgier, block-shaped bottle the main attraction. In the world of commercial production where an entire project can wrap in just two weeks, short-turn retakes are a challenging fact of every VFX supervisor’s life. What appears to the client a simple change often means days of re-rendering that adds load to already-stressed compute resources.

Eight VFX, a visual effects studio renowned for outstanding work in commercials, features, and music videos, solved its own rendering challenge with an Avere-enabled Google Cloud Platform solution. Damien Bataille, the studio’s head of development, says, “The Avere solution lets us take full advantage of the cloud, removing all the limitations—rendering capacity, bandwidth, rental-node setup time, power, and space—that used to prevent us from expanding our project pipeline or accommodating last-minute changes. Today we can deliver the quality of artistry equal to our talent, even within the tightest of deadlines.”

Read the complete Eight VFX Case Study.

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