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StudioSysAdmins is a social networking community dedicated to improving infrastructure, workflows and support across the Entertainment Industry. An expanding community with one common site that joins Systems Administrators, Technical Directors, Pipeline Developers, Consultants, Hardware/Software Support Engineers and Hardware/Software Vendors and Resellers (VARs) that currently work in and/or support production studios in the areas of animation, visualization, visual-FX, film, and games.

Our goal is to enable the sharing of all non-proprietary information among all of our members and to maintain open discussions between Studios, Vendors and VARs to determine standards in order to help improve support for the installation, implementation, monitoring and maintenance of hardware, software and operating systems.


We currently hold regular meetings in London, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Singapore (starting soon), Sydney, Toronto and Vancouver and continues to expand local coverage as our membership grows. Meetings are hosted by one of our studio Members and/or sponsored by our supporting member Companies to present, educate and discuss ongoing issues/concerns, future technologies; and of course, social conversation.

Once we have enough members in a particular location we will arrange to have separate local meetings in those areas while continuing to use this site as a common place to bring the different localities together.  We also arrange meetings at various tradeshows throughout the year for the opportunity of having our members from various local groups meet face to face.

Once meetings are established in a certain area, we encourage the actual meeting locations to change often so that our members get a chance to see other studios and/or facilities.

If you are interested in starting meetings in your area, contributing or sponsoring local meetings in your area or if you are interested in helping to contribute or sponsor events, please contact one of the groups meeting coordinators  directly, so we can provide you with the proper information and/or assistance.


Meeting Coordinators
The StudioSysAdmins meeting coordinators team are comprised of the people that arrange meetings in their local area. We currently do not have elections or votes to determine the people on this team.  The only rule we have, is that you must be a current member, work at a production studio (either full-time or in a production consulting capacity) and most importantly; assist in arranging the meetings in your area.  Vendors and Resellers may contribute to meetings by providing a location for meetings and/or providing content in the form of talks or presentations during a meeting. This helps the group stay both reseller and vendor neutral.


We are always looking for help to expand our membership, promote local meetings, and other events. If you or your company would like to help organize, fund and/or present at future events, or you would like to help contribute to improving the StudioSysAdmins web site, please contact the StudioSysAdmins Meeting Coordinators.

Additionally, if you wish to have your company logo displayed on the StudioSysAdmins web-site or if you plan on posting items in either the StudioSysAdmin Job Board or StudioSysAdmins Classifieds; please send a 280 x 175 pixel file preferably on a white background along with your company URL to SignMeUp@StudioSysAdmins.com.

Vendors and Solution Providers must contact Subscriptions@StudioSysAdmins.com for company and product listings on our web site. Subscription options are available to assist vendors in the delivery of whitepapers, product announcements, press-releases, as well as assisting in increasing your audience at your own marketing events.


E-Mail and Website Rules
Please remember that this is an open forum to share non-proprietary information and a place that encourages everyone to share and learn.  We try to be vendor neutral as much as possible  with the exception of discussing or answering questions asked about a specific product. In all cases we should remain reseller neutral. This is not a place for either vendors or resellers to try to take customers away from our other members or companies.

  Currently the rules are very simple:
    Please be honest with your comments and replies at all times.
    Keep the language clean and professional at all times.
    Try to keep all conversations Reseller neutral at all times.
    Try to keep all conversations Vendor neutral unless discussing a specific product.
    Do no send un-related topics or unnecessary e-mails to the group e-mails.
    Do not harass any of our [wiki: members] or associated [wiki: companies].
    Do not ask other [wiki: members] to post comments on your behalf.
    Please participate as much as possible and help in our recruiting efforts.
    If you wish to unsubscribe to a list, send an e-mail to SignMeUp@StudioSysAdmins.com


E-Mail List
We currently only have one e-mail distribution lists which allow us to communicate with the majority of our members.

  This list is used for general discussion topics among all our members.
  We expect the traffic for this e-mail list to be over 100 posts per week.


E-Mail List Options
To subscribe, unsubscribe or change your digest options please follow these instructions:

  1) Send an e-mail to the list you wish to change your options on.

2) Put the command in your subject line of the e-mail.


    unsubscribe (To remove yourself from the mailing list altogether)
    subscribe (To add yourself to the mailing list)
    off (to receive messages in non-digest mode)
    on (to receive messages in digest mode - 1/day)
  3) Send the e-mail (Leave the body blank)
    You will receive an e-mail to confirm for subscribe and unsubscribe.
    Subscriptions are moderated and must be confirmed when joining the group.