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Keeping up to date with software out there
posted by Mark Playford  on Jan. 31, 2021, 3:51 p.m. (2 years, 10 months ago)
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Hey Guys,

I'm constantly searchine for new software out there, seeing if there is better software than we are currently using. I work at a small studio creating 3D animated films. we are currently finishing off out first feature, die out in October with 20th Century Fox (one of the last films under that name). I'm not adverse to paying a lot for well made software but also on the lookout for new and upcoming ones.

I'm looking for some storyboarding software. I'm currently using Foundry Flix, this is a great all rounder but can sometimes be lacking in small items. I know a lot of studios have written their own but wanted to know if there is anything else. It would need to be for upto 20 users and to be centralised on the server, also accessible for VPN users. We need to be able to export to Media compaoser and back in again. we use Photoshop conected to Flix to create the panels. I know of Storyboarder but thats standalone. Toon Boom Storyboard pro, this is standalone really. We have also used TV Paint bit that was an end user tool really.

I'm looking for a video viewing tool, this would be used for Dailies and people watching sequences from our features. we currently use Pix.online from x2x but being a small studio we have to use in on the back of other studios for our projects. It needs to be able to upload the video and then send a non-downloadable link to end users with dynamic watermarking while they are watching online. They will not have the ability to download or forward to others. we would also like to have 2fa for the logons. We have also tried Frame.io. This is great but you can't have dynaic watermarking unless you pay for the enterprise version that I haven't tried yet, Also the link sending is not great. I have tried Media Silo from Shift, but it didn't have everything I needed at the time.

Lastly, I'm looking for a secure script portal. This would be for sending out drm and watermarked script for people to read with no ability to download. I've used Scenchronize which is great but hugely expensive, they also charge you for each project rather than one charge for all. I'm trialling Lock lizard. This is looking promosing but seems a but short of useablility on Macs.

I'm also open to hear about any other software that might be a good fit for out studio.

Thanks very much


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