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Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
posted by John Hickson  on Oct. 14, 2020, 3:37 p.m. (6 days ago)
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Hey everyone, been extemely busy these days but hoping to come up for air soon and start with some virtual meetings.

Doing some budgeting for 2021 and have a few questions it would be great if you could answer.


1) Company Name

2) How do you protect your data center from...

       a) physical theft/damage

       b) fire or other natural disaster - fire suppression system? fireproof walls? etc

3) Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity...

       a) Replicated Data Center? YES/NO - FULL or PARTIAL?

                if PARTIAL - what parts?

                if REPLICATED - in another office, co-location or cloud?

       b) Duplicate lines to join building and/or internet connections?  Different providers?


       c) Snapshot polices on storage?

                 how many snapshots do you keep and what intervals?

       d) Regular Backups

                 to tape or replicated? if replicated - to another office, co-location or cloud?


Much appreciated for some feedback.


Thank you.

John Hickson

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