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Backup strategy
posted by Mark Playford  on March 20, 2020, 3:08 p.m. (8 days ago)
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Good evening all,


Hope everyone is doing ok with the manic helpdesks!


I wanted to find out what people are doing with the new subscription based licenses from Veritas and Veeam.


I am currently with Veritas using netbackup but I'm having issues with throughout and getting all the data backed up Inna decent time. I want to use a snapshot method for backups from Veeam but the charges are very high.

I currently have 25tb but this is going to jump to 300tb over the next few months so both Veritas and Veeam are going cost about £8k for licenses to backup so a jump to 300tb with be a huge jump.


What are people using for backups and how is your companies handling the large cost? Is it acceptable to hammer the suppliers for a higher discount? 


We are a medium company but I find that it's hard getting the best pricing at our size.


Many thanks