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Software: Autodesk Flame IFFFS
posted by maciek  on June 25, 2019, 9:56 a.m. (5 months, 18 days ago)
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I'm spec'ing out a Dell 7920R to pupgrade existing HP's for Flame. I've configured and had a similiar system before, that ran solid, but that config was a bit different. I was not able to get a sled for an internal OS drive, or two, and therefore had to configure oa couple of the front slots for the OS drives. This left only 6x2TB for media storage. These days it is apparently do-able to have Flame run of an NVme drive, or possibly two internal drives in a mirror raid config, still trying to find out for sure about physical placement of the internal drives and/or adsk support for nvme... but that is not my main question (although any practical experience advice will be appreciated !)

So i'm thinking since Samsung now sells the 4TB EVO SSD drives @ approx $600/each... I can get 6x4TB and use the first two slots for my OS (if the above scenario does not work) and still have almost 20T's  for media in a raid5. So ---> Anyone using 4TB SSD's for media storage with Flame ? Any concerns going with this 'beta' setup ?

Please advise or comment ! Thanks




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