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Single AC or single fibre link - which woul you choose?
posted by Todd Smith  on Sept. 14, 2016, 4:15 p.m. (2 years, 4 months, 7 days ago)
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  Are you accounting for electrical and bandwidth overages from the colocated option? These may not be balanced by internal electrical costs of providing your own AC.  These costs are generally where money is made in colocation, so you are charged above rate and cost is not always linear (ie. you are charged per circuit and per amp over).     In either case you still have a SPOF that could cause downtime.  Generally AC will fail more than fibre, but there are a myriad of variables to be accounted for that are too subtle for such a black and white argument like this (ie. development of the area, engineering of AC load, location of condensers etc.)    If the cooling is just for primary storage, than you could supplement with a 3-5 ton portable that could add redundancy.  These can be rented or bought outright for relatively cheap.       Todd Smith Head of Information Technology   soho vfx |  99 Atlantic Ave. Suite 303, Toronto, Ontario M6K 3J8 office: (416) 516-7863 fax: (416) 516-9682 web: sohovfx.com
Let's say you have a budget situation which allows you to pick one of the two following options for your primary file server:
  Option 1. Use your internal server room, which gives you redundant network links from your primary file server to your switch, but which has sprinklers in the ceiling and (because of budget) you'll only be able to afford the installation of a single, commercial A/C unit.
  Option 2. Use the colo datacentre across the street, which has top-notch air conditioning, fire suppression, etc., but you'd only get a single dedicated fibre link from your primary fileserver to your network.
  Which would you choose?  Sprinklers and non-redundant A/C, or a single fibre line under the street from your primary file server to your network?  Assume that cost is equal.
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