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Friday fun, now with added rant - wild vendor claims at all time high...
posted by Julian Firminger  on Sept. 2, 2016, 4:55 a.m. (2 years, 4 months, 15 days ago)
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I'm not one to usually air this kind of thing in public but this one totally got my goat. I recently got a pre-IBC marketing email about DDN's MEDIAScaler, within it they claim:

MEDIAScaler can modernizeyour entire workflow in one easy step and deliver much more value andprofitability to yourorganization with:

o Support for 4K,8K, IMF, UHD, and HDR
o 800% fastertranscode speeds than competitive alternatives
o Cost effectiveSSD storage starting below $1/GB to optimize and accelerate

It what now? Did I miss the memo about block storage providing compute cycles? Does it somehow transmogrify the frames as it stores them? Maybe it stores video as holograms! Lets be clear here, it doesn't say 800% increase in workflow efficiency, it specifically says transcode speeds.
Anyway, the question for the list is, how rude can you be / should you be back to these things? Of course we all just ignore most of them but 800%? WTH. That's just blatant lies.
I challenged them thus:
Tell you what, I'll bring, say, one of our Elemental transcoders to IBC and plug it into a MEDIAScaler and we can benchmark that. I will bet my house on it getting about 10% faster and no more next to running off an Isilon. If you dont like Elemental, you can choose from Snell xFile, CarbonCoder, Vantage, FlipFactory, AirSpeed or a bunch of others. Alternatively you can try and qualify that statement. Really, I'm all ears and could do with a laugh.

Sadly I did not get a decent reply.

(Disclaimer: I actually like DDN's products and approach but I'm always compelled to call a spade a spade)

Julian Firminger
Snr. Systems Administrator,United Broadcast FacilitiesAmsterdam, The Netherlands

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