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The 3rd Annual Shotgun Pipeline Awards
posted by Rob Blau  on July 18, 2016, 4:05 p.m. (4 years, 16 days ago)
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body{font-family:Helvetica,Arial;font-size:13px}Hi everybody,
Siggraph is coming up and at Shotgun we are putting together one of our favorite events: the annual pipeline awards show.
If you know an awesome pipeline developer or an amazing tool that helps artists spend their time creating, let us know by sending a nomination to pipelineawards@shotgunsoftware.com by June 20.  We dont care if the nomination has anything to do with Shotgun, we just want to recognize folks working hard to make making the pixels easier.
Check out the full details on the Shotgun blog:

and check here for who has won before:http://blog.shotgunsoftware.com/2015/08/pipelineawardwinners15.htmlhttp://blog.shotgunsoftware.com/2014/08/pipeline-awards-congrats.html

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