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Cloud Rendering - open sourcing our technology - Looking for interested studios for open source effort
posted by Francois Ruty  on Feb. 12, 2016, 11:31 a.m. (4 years, 5 months, 22 days ago)
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Hello, I write here since I represent a startup who used to work on a cloud rendering technology. Basically we have a SMB proxy that enables studios to perform runtime asset syncing (your render nodes import assets on the fly, as the renderer tries to access them).

The implication of that is that you can use any render nodes in any facility in the world, and have them act as if they were located in your local pipeline. With the SMB proxy, you can show to your remote render node your local file structure, and as the remote render nodes tries to open the files it needs, those files are transparently imported with a high speed file transfer system.

For analogy, our software enables you to set up "Avere-like" cache, on top of ubuntu machines or VMs.

We are now shifting ou focus to applications (we are working on a 3D application prototype) and we are still sitting on our SMB proxy technology, which performed successfully on several projects so far. The reason we shift our focus is that we initially planned to provide turnkey render nodes but this proved to be not scalable enough for us. So we decided to stop providing render nodes. But our technology works well and we are considering building a community around it.

We are considering making it open source, we would stay the owners of the code, but studios who signal themselves as interested could use the software, access the source code, and possibly collectively improve it where necessary. I'd like to emphasize that the software is production-proven, we're not talking about a prototype here.

Those who are interested or just have questions can email me at fruty@seekscale.com or write here




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