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Sohonet SIGGRAPH Giveaway
posted by Anonymous  on July 27, 2015, 9:30 a.m. (5 years, 7 days ago)
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Apologies for the spam but we're giving things away free!
For six years running Sohonet have worked with SIGGRAPH ComputerAnimation Festival, providing a web-based file transfer and QC servicepowered by Sohonet FileRunner for their international awards submissionprocess.
Sohonet are giving away a free conference pass for SIGGRAPH 2015, to onelucky StudioSysAdmins member. Tickets give you full access to courses,workshops, panels, talks, technical papers and the reception. See theSIGGRAPH website - http://s2015.siggraph.org - for more information.
For your chance to win simply email marketing@sohonet.com your details.
Winners will be picked on 29th July.
* Travel, board and expenses are not included.
Kind regards,Thomas Menari
Network EngineerSohonet

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