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StudioSysAdmins feature update
posted by John Hickson  on Dec. 6, 2013, 8:15 a.m. (6 years, 5 months, 19 days ago)
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We've been working on the StudioSysAdmins website for some time now and since the major website update a few weeks ago, some additional features have been added....

1) Company profiles

        Although members can not add/remove companies or edit the main company profile, you can now added/edit office infomation as well as all social media links.

2) Galleries

        You can now create your own gallery and upload individual pictures or a .zip file of pictures to the site


We will continue to add new features as time permits - your feedback is always welcome.


Reminder: If you have not sent in your company logo yet - please send a 280x175 (jpg preferrably on a white background) to content@studiosysadmins.com