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Deadline and Network Gurus - 3dsmax2012 crashing on the render farm when rendering out large FumeFX intensive.
posted by ElectricJesus  on Aug. 9, 2011, 3 p.m. (9 years, 1 month, 15 days ago)
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I'll get straight to the point.
3dsmax 2012 Sp1 with both hotfixes on workstation and on farmdeadline 5fumefx.2.1 and fumefx2.1sl on farm

I am trying to render a large 3dsmax scene file. When I submit it to the farm, the render goes fine?until after it begins to try and load atmospherics in fumefx which are about 800mb per. Then 3dsmax will crash, and that frame will fail. Now heres where the confusing part comes in. When I try and resubmit the job to just one machine, it renders out okay, but when it's across the 20 render machines it errors about 500 times. Also, I resubmitted the job without atmospherics enabled and the render goes fine. I have tried to disable in deadline where it closes 3dsmax between frames, that didn't help.

I cannot determine where the problem is, and rendering such a large file on just one machine isn't a option I want to?precede?with because it takes all day.?
Our network is built to handle this kind of workload. We have an icilon cluster which has all of the files that are being referenced, with all the machines networked through 2?pro-curve?switches with jumboframes 9k enabled. I had a local company GPL help me set everything up and so far everything has been very fast without any downtime.?
Maybe it's a problem with deadline? A few months ago I was having another 3dsmax plugin problem that was resolved with a repository amendment.
Any questions or sujestions please feel free to place your input. My guess it's deadline5 having a bug with this particular situation. Or simply, something might be wrong in the network where when all the machines are trying to reference this 800mb fumefile, 3dsmax crashes.?

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