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Render Farm Problem - 3ds Max 2010 Crashing after job is submitted to "Deadline" (thinkbox software)
posted by ElectricJesus  on April 26, 2011, 4:15 p.m. (9 years, 2 months, 18 days ago)
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Hello All,

The past day or so i've been attempting to resolve a problem on some of our 3ds max render machines, heres what I can tell you.

On Friday when I left, to my knowledge the farm was rendering correctly, but this Monday after I came in, and did my routine check of the machines, I noticed that on all of my C-Machines (I have A B C and D) that Windows 7 had about 6 notification errors per RDP client I had opened up telling me that 3dsmax 2010 had crashed. Here's the problem signature

Problem signature:
? Problem Event Name:??? APPCRASH
? Application Name:??? 3dsmax.exe
? Application Version:???
? Application Timestamp:??? 49b98c20
? Fault Module Name:??? StackHash_6e77
? Fault Module Version:??? 6.1.7600.16695
? Fault Module Timestamp:??? 4cc7b325
? Exception Code:??? c0000374
? Exception Offset:??? 00000000000c6ab2
? OS Version:??? 6.1.7600.
? Locale ID:??? 1033
? Additional Information 1:??? 6e77
? Additional Information 2:??? 6e77cd74832fa39ece08717343bd0bd6
? Additional Information 3:??? 0a3a
? Additional Information 4:??? 0a3a10d8cda74383c2911db736420f70

Here's my step by step of how I attempted to resolve this problem. I whitelisted only one of the Render machines in attempt to save time in diagnosing process. (These Machines also render Nuke, 3dsmax2011 and a few other programs just fine so deadline seems to be handshaking with the renderfarm just fine)

1)Restarted the machines
2)Resubmitted Test_3dsmax2010project
3)Same Error occurred

1)Opened 3dsmax2010
2)Resubmitted Test_3ds2010project
3)same error occurred

At this point I thought it might be an issue with 3dsmax 2012 being installed because we've been having some problems with licensing on the workstations when we installed 2012 experimentally (plugins not caught up to switch over yet)

1)uninstalled 3dsmax2012
2)restarted computer
3)resubmitted test_3ds2010project to deadline same error occurred

1)uninstalled 3dsmax2010
2)restarted + installed 3dsmax2010
3)resubmitted test_3ds2010project to deadline same error occurred

1)uninstalled 3dsmax2010 + deleted 3dsmax 2010 program files + 86 folder (which includes plugins)
2) restarted + installed 3dsmax2010 w/ only basic plugins needed to run test
3) resubmitted test_3ds2010project to deadline same error occurred

The other machines that render max2010 are fine. All of the C machines have been effected, all the machines are clones of each-other which would make sense for them all being problematic at the same time. So that's where i'm and and it would be much appreciated if I could get some input!


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